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Home Visit Pediatrician, after hours pediatrics

Home Visit Pediatrician, after hours pediatrics

Home Visit Pediatrician, after hours pediatricsHome Visit Pediatrician, after hours pediatrics

No additional costs! Most commercial health plans are accepted. Serving Teaneck and Bergenfield, NJ

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Compassionate Healthcare


 Our goal is to offer high quality affordable healthcare for Bergenfield and Teaneck in the comfort of your home.  No more sick waiting rooms or long waits. Let the doctor come to you. 

Experienced Medical Professionals


Dr Benzel is a board certified Pediatrician and local of Teaneck, NJ. He completed his residency training at Winthrop Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital in 2015.




We accept most commercial insurances and most patients will not have to pay more than their regular office copay. Contact us  and we will check your insurance eligibility before your first visit. 

Testing offered


Am I too old for a Pediatrician?

Sick visits are offered on most weeknights in Teaneck or Bergenfield after 6 PM and on weekends during select hours. Home visits are offered for children under 21. Adults that are young at heart, and under age 50, can be seen with symptoms of sore throat, ear pain or pink eye. 

Testing in your Home

Rapid Strep Tests

Throat Cultures

Rapid Flu tests


Urine Cultures

Pulse Oximetry

Cerumen removal 

Nebulizer (breathing) treatment

How We help

               The service was created for families looking for after hours pediatric healthcare in their home. As a parent of three young children I understand the challenges of sitting in the waiting room with your sick child or multiple children. I wanted to create a better experience for both parents and children without leaving the comforts of their home. 


               Most of my days as a pediatrician are spent running between patient rooms, trying my best to be on time, while still providing the best possible care for my patients. One of the comments I often heard from busy parents is how difficult it is to schedule a pediatrician visit at a convenient time. Between homework, after school activities, sports, tutors and a full time working schedule, it seems impossible to find a good time to spend an hour at the pediatrician for a sick visit.  In a world where everything is on demand from television to grocery shopping, having a doctor on demand just seemed like a logical next step. 

                  I knew that a home visit doctor would give parents the flexibility of getting through their evening without major disruptions to the entire household. I enjoy being able to spend time with each patient while they are in the comfort of their own home and I recognize the benefit to both parent and child when being treated in a familiar environment. Children seem more at ease with me in their homes and examinations, strep and flu tests seem to go more smoothly, leaving happy patients, parents and pediatricians :)


Employment Opportunities

 Looking for board certified physicians to make house calls for pediatric or adult patients. Work on your own schedule. Experience required. Please email CV to  

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